Break Free From Society’s Box & Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams In 11 Weeks!

What is it?
Life By Design Academy is an 11 week online course with live Q&A calls, support and a community of like-minded people desiring more out of life. It will provide you with education and resources to level up in life.
Who is it for?
Life By Design Academy is for anyone who feels stuck in society’s programming and desires more for their life than just what is taught. Even entrepreneurs can benefit from the sustainable habit building & mindset.
Where does it happen?
Life By Design Academy is an online learning experience that consists of training videos, workbooks, tools, weekly Q&A calls, and a Facebook community. You’ll complete it over a pre-defined 11 week period.
How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action

items, use the provided tools and templates.
Ask questions in the FB group or on the live
Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.
When does it start?
Currently the waitlist is open. Enrollment for the Academy will begin Februrary 6, 2021 and once you enroll you will have lifetime access to the material.
Why does it exist?
I created Life By Design Academy because, now more than ever, people are feeling lost, stressed, overwhelmed and overworked. Society doesn’t provide sustainable answers.


Life By Design Academy is brought to you by Christine Bar Noël

Christine Bar Noël – Life Balance Coach

Christine will be your mentor and guide through the Life By Design Academy. Her experience in the competitive ballroom dance industry created a discipline through sustainable habits that has allowed her to created a custom lifestyle that can be duplicated for you to follow and customize. Her certification in manifestation through the Bliss Manifestation Method™ is the mindset module of this academy that aligns with action and results.


In 11 weeks, you’ll become an expert on developing sustainable habits and creating a balanced lifestyle. You’ll take a deep dive into manifestation and reframing limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to control your mind with exercises and techniques that will allow you to manifest the life of your dreams.

INTRODUCTION : Instructor, Community & Tools
WEEK 1 : Welcome To Life By Design Academy

The 3 Pillars of Life

Life By Society

Give Yourself Permission To Dream…BIG!

A Bliss List vs. A Bucket List

WEEK 2 : Developing Sustainable Habits

The Velcro Method

Mastering Your Morning Routine

Rewiring Unhealthy Habits

Life Is All About Balance

Cultivating Your Inner Circle

WEEK 3 : Manifestation 101

The Law of Attraction

What is Manifestation?

5 Steps to Manifest

Becoming An Energetic Match For Your Desires

Your Language With The Universe

WEEK 4 : Inner Work Deep Dive

Healing Your Inner Child

Releasing Resistance

Rewriting Limiting Beliefs

Forgiveness & Feeling Enough

All The Feels

WEEK 5 : Creating Comfort In Being Uncomfortable

Comfort Is The Enemy of Progress

The Art of Surrender

Tunnel Vision

Turning Fear Into Fuel

WEEK 6 : Love, Money & Purpose

Manifesting Love

Manifesting Money

Manifesting Your Purpose

WEEK 7 : Quantum Up Level

Higher Self vs. Ego

Becoming Your Desired Version Of You

Lack vs. Abundance

The Ladder of Believability 

Quantum Physic

WEEK 8 : New Lifestyle Basics

Creating An Organization System

Setting Measurable Goals

Health is Wealth

Motion = Emotion

WEEK 9 : Tools & Resources

Vision Board



Meditations & Podcasts

Mentors & Coaches

Book Summaries on Youtube

WEEK 10 : Self Love

Self Care

Self Talk & Affirmations


Being Present

WEEK 11 : It's All About The Journey

The Human Experience


Back to Basics (You Bucket List)

Embodying Abundance

“I had a wonderful session with Christine regarding creating balance in my life. I’ve never talked to someone so clear and resourceful. Between losing my job due to COVID, home life, being a wife and mom, and starting my own business, I just haven’t felt like I can do it all and still give myself the love and attention I need to feel balanced. After an hour conversation with Christine, she helped me create clear concise actions that made sense and totally clicked. I’ve talked to other people before and after the same amount of time we usually end up in the same place. Christine was able to give me strategies and daily habit adjustments that will hold myself accountable to take action and set boundaries in my life with those around me. I have a new action plan and instead of feeling overwhelmed with where to begin, I have a new sense of hope.”

- Natalia Schifini

Fitness Coach

“In 2010 I was dealing with a family tragedy that took a toll on my mental & physical health, made me a full time care-giver and eliminated my social community. I met Christine at her family’s dance studio and decided to take one lesson (I was not a dancer, nor was I looking to learn how to dance). Something was pulling me towards this community and now 10 years later I know why. In that time Christine introduced me to a community of people who embraced me and gave me a second life after tragedy. She helped me learn a new skill and due to being out of my comfort zone, allowed me to accomplish goals I never thought I had. I joined her travel group to France 3 times and was culturally immersed in a French experience only she could create. Not to mention all the incredible people I’ve met in the last 10 years because of my connection to Christine and the skills she has taught me. My children are so thankful that I have found something that gave me new purpose and I credit Christine for pushing me to always have NO FEAR – a small handwritten sign taped to my mirror still 10 years later.”

- John Skowronski

Former Marine & Financial Advisor

“I was fortunate enough to have an inspiring session with Christine and I’m amazed at how my outlook has changed in just a short time talking with her. I normally don’t ask for help because I’m a pretty positive person and tend to coach myself through life challenges. However, as this year has hit all of us hard, I spiraled into a negative, confused and isolated individual that I barely recognized. I had a conversation with Christine and she listened to my story, asked a few questions and untangled my messy thoughts. She helped me transition from a state of reactive to a state of proactive. Christine gave me a more positive outlook on my situation, detailed where my financial goals need to be set and helped me to define clear actions I can take to develop a new community. A new community that will replace the old one which will give me leverage and credibility to achieve all these goals I’ve had for so long and haven’t been able to get to come to fruition. Definitely jump at the chance to work with Christine, her insight and worldly experiences will create clarity in your life that I was and so many people are searching for.”

- Susie Spann